Welcome to the Blockdrop Network store!
Want to upgrade your rank from a regular member? Want extra perks, rewards, kits, and special items? Then choose a category above and choose which rank you'd like!

Payment Methods
We are currently using Strype to process credit/debit card tranactions. Paypal will be returning within arround 1 week and we will also soon be accepting 'Paysafe Card' payments.

Before Purchasing
We highly recommend you to be ONLINE before making your purchase! And, remember to enter your minecraft username EXACTLY how it's spelt! 

Problems with Purchase
If you didn't get your rank instantly, please wait approximately 5-10 minutes for your rank to arrive. If your rank still hasn't arrived, please wait an additional 5 minutes. If your rank still hasn't been received, please  use the forums to contact us for help.